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Forcibly displaced people worldwide


are internally displaced people


are refugees


are asylum-seekers

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With increased pressure on Syrian refugees in countries like #Turkiye and Lebanon to go back to #Syria, do you believe there is sufficient information in the public of these countries about what Syrians are likely to face if they’re forced to return? @FatihShanli #WithRefugees

“I have some first hand, tragic experiences with some Syrian people who, because of the rising tension in #Turkiye, were killed after crossing to the other side of the border,” @FatihShanli on whether Syrians know what awaits them if they go back to #Syria. #WithRefugees

Merkezimiz ile Solaris Derneği işbirliği ile İnsan Hakları Hukukçusu Kurtuluş Baştimar'ın eğitimci olduğu " Gönüllü Geri Gönderme Davalarında Etkili Uluslararası İnsan Hakları Mekanizmaları Atölye Çalışması" merkez üyelerimizin katılımı ile gerçekleştirildi. @Kbastimar36

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